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Kitchen knife maintenance

How to care after using

The most important thing to do when maintaining a kitchen knife is to avoid rust.

Carbon steel knives are easy to rust, and stainless steel knives also can rust (although they are difficult to rust). Especially when you start using a new knife and when cutting acidic or salty foods, they rust easily.

To prevent rusting of the knife, wash it with detergent and sponge after use, wipe off the water with a towel and store.

Knife sharpening

The knife edge will be rounded and will be dull after using for some period. It is recommended to sharpen constantly to maintain enough function.

How to remove rust and stain

Before the rust becomes big and deep, remove it with a cleaner. You can use metal cleaner, metal polishing liquid or cream...etc.

Polish the kitchen knife with a small amount of cleaner on the sponge or towel.

Place the knife edge on a cutting board or newspaper, and be careful not to cut your fingers. If it’s less effective, try with wine cork instead of sponge.

Notes - Things not to do

  • Do not warm with the fire. Heat above 150 degrees may change the characteristic of steel and cause the cutting edge to lose its function.

  • To not make the chips on the blade, do not cut hard foods such as frozen foods, bones... etc. (In the case of frozen products, it is also broken by the difference in temperature.)

  • Do not use dishwasher. It can cause rust and deterioration of the handle.

  • Please do not use the kitchen knife for anything other than cooking.